The mission of the University is to produce highly competent and resources graduates with high moral standard. The University shall provide opportunity to all students irrespective of race, tribe, religion or political inclination through effective programmes and service delivery based on provision of adequate facilities as well as professionally qualified and competent staff.

By 2016 the proposed University wants to be:

» In the Nigeria's top ten universities and in the Africa/Asian's top 100 research intensive universities.

» An international leader in research across the physical science, life science, social science and humanities.

» Renowned internationally for enquiry-led learning in a knowledge culture that exploits our research intensive environment.

» Recognized as a leading under/postgraduate university, renowned for the quality and breadth of our provision.

Within these ambitions, the University identifies its purpose as a citadel institution of learning which:

» Conducts research of the highest quality to inform on teaching and engages with the academic community to contribute to professional and public debate in an exciting and challenging set of disciplines which are central to an understanding of the economic social and political landscape of the national and international community.

» Provide a stimulating learning environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students across the wide variety degrees the university offers namely academic, professional or vocational.